Last leg

I’m so nearly there, reading and rereading  ‘Raddy and Syl’ finding and correcting the errors, sprucing up the boring bits or cutting them out altogether, being strict with my characters so they don’t’ become annoying to the reader – and also checking they are consistent…

I don’t want to hurry it and be careless and slapdash, but I don’t want to make such a meal out of it that it loses its freshness and the spontaneity of the main character’s personality. I don’t want the climax to lose its impact, or be so long coming that no one cares when it arrives, or signal it so clearly that it has no surprise and no shock to the reader. I want there to be a shock and a surprise but I want it to be believable.

I’ve decided on the cover pic, now I have to create the cover – find the font, decide on where to place it, think of anything else I want to have on the front apart from the title and my name. Also I have some other surprises in the book – different from what I’ve done, and ones which I hope will be pleasing, intriguing and interesting… I’ll say no more about the surprises, otherwise they won’t be surprising!

Right, back to work… the last leg…

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