Another true story

I once had a friend who suffered from several phobias… some which affected her more than others. She had a phobia about spiders, and once came round to the flat where I lived with another friend at 3 o’clock in the morning because there was a spider in her bath. Not that she wanted a bath, but she couldn’t sleep knowing it was there. My flat mate ‘slept’ on… I got dressed and trying not to be grumpy and trying to be sympathetic walked back to get the spider out of the bath…

Another fear she had was of water in an enclosed space – like the water in a lock… A river was fine, a canal was sort of ok, even though there were edges to it and the water was to a certain extent contained – but she couldn’t go anywhere near a lock with water in it. Even the site of lock-gates upset her, because where there were lock-gates there was contained water.She didn’t mind glasses of water, or vases of water, but a bath had to be very shallow, more like a puddle in the bottom rather than what most people would enjoy.

There were other things too, anything which looked like a snake, especially if it was a dark colour, certain foods (which I can’t remember now) but what I do remember most is the spider phobia and my early morning stroll to get one out of a bath, and contained water.

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