April 18th – Raddy and Syl

Just letting you know some very exciting news, my next novel, the third part of the Radwinter story, will be published on April 18th! Raddy and Syl will be available as an e-book from Amazon for Kindle… I am getting quite excited now, and look forward to hearing comments about it.

The first novel, Radwinter, followed Thomas Radwinter’s journey in tracing his family history. Who were the Radwinters and where did they come from? Thomas says:

Last year, Paul asked me to try to find out about our family history and I found the story of the Radwinters, and where we came from… and what an interesting journey that was. I mean journey for me in a non-literal way, but it was an interesting journey for the Radwinters, literally.

As well as finding the story of his father’s side of the family, Thomas also has to confront the present difficulties he has in his own life. The story of Thomas seemed only half-finished because who were the Magicks, his family’s maternal ancestors?

My other brother John has the middle name of Magick, and that’s our maternal line. Earlier this year I followed that side of our family… and it led me to some very dark places I can tell you.

And now, Raddy and Syl,

In my Radwinter story I found some amazing truths about myself. My childhood was difficult to say the least, and when I started to follow the Magick story, I had to begin to face my past, and confront some of my fears and nightmares.

To finish my story I have to look at Sylvia Magick and her husband Edward Radwinter, the people who brought me up… sort of… I think of them now as Syl and Raddy, because it’s easier and less painful.

I think I have to find out all I can about them; Kylie and I are expecting our child next spring… I have to properly know who I am if I am to be a good father to my children and a good husband to my wife.

If you haven’t read ‘Radwinter’ or ‘Magick, you can find them here:





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