Family Holiday 2015, Kent day 6

The house we stayed in this year is absolutely gorgeous; well-kept, well-appointed, lovely in every way. It’s very large but at the same time feels very homely, and I think that comes from it being a family home in the possession of the same people for hundreds of years. It must have an amazing history, but I could only find out a little of it.

Apparently, it was originally known as Batts House, and originality it was a smaller farmhouse, hundreds and hundreds of years old but was extended and refurbished about a hundred years ago. . Part of it is half-timbered, part of it is brick, and it has gables and a ‘half-hipped ended tile roof’…. not sure exactly what that is! It has beautiful leaded casement windows but thankfully for the inhabitants they are very tastefully double-glazed now! All the figments are modern and wonderful quality! As well as the leaded windows there is a lot of old panelling, dating from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries and most of this was brought from Chiddingstone Castle where the family previously lived. As well as the panels, there is a wooden screen which was brought from Chiddingsone Church; it had formed part of the family pew!

KENT 2015 (147)Our bedroom was on the middle floor on the far right side. It stretched the width of the house and the en-suite bathroom was next to it, the other window you can see which is slightly open.


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