Free tree?

I never intended to write more than a single novel about the Radwinter family, and yet somehow, there are now three novels about their searches for their family history… and actually, there are a couple of unanswered questions, unsolved mysteries, loose ends in the last novel which may suggest there is more to come…

What has occurred to me is that with the novels being genealogical mysteries, there’s an awful lot of reference material which it’s not possible to include, especially as I write e-books, published on Kindle. It would be my dream to have real books published, how I’d love to see my titles on a shelf in a bookshop! So what I was wondering in a fuzzy way, was whether to gather all the family tree information together in a readable and understandable form, and publish it as an accompanying booklet. In the first novel, Radwinter, there is also a lot of information about census returns, and the process one might use to search genealogical sites and do research – obviously I have a fictitious genealogical site, and the census information on my characters made up, a complete fiction…

Publishing a free Radwinter handbook is a really fleeting thought but I may return to it and consider it more seriously… when I have time, of course!

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