Mondamin tins and dariel cups


Aren’t these utensils wonderful? Wouldn’t you love to have them?

2.  mondamin cake tins
3.  jam sandwich tins
4.  round cake tins
5.  swiss roll tins
6.  dinner loaf tins
7.  cheese cake tins
8.  dariel cups
9.  bread pans
10. – 12c, 25 – 25c cutters
13. – 13a. double saucepans
14. blancmange moulds
15. -15t. shortbread moulds
16. wooden spoons
17. wire trays
18. strainers
19. measures
20. household balances
21. flour dredgers
22. pastry brushes
23. egg whisks
24. ice cream freezer
26. queen’s cake tins
27. bun trays
28. – 29a.  palette knives
29. French cook’s knives
30. icing syringe and 6 tubes


  1. Kevin

    Hi! Came across this whilst trying to find out what dariel cups were. According to Cassell’s Book of the Household (1889), a large Victorian household kitchen should have 12 of them, but quite what they were specifically used for seems to be lost in the mists of time.

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    1. Lois

      How wonderful! I guess you also have a lot of their cookery books too? The recipes still work, and they are a fascinating social record. What is your favourite item you have?


      1. Gordon Alexander

        Hi yes i have many of the cookbooks although i don`t bake myself. My interest lies in the way advertising was done in those days.With regards to my favourite item that is a hard one to answer but i guess it would be one of my flour boxes or one of my cardboard advertisements.Let me know should you need any pictures of other cook books done by the company.

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      2. Lois

        Oh thank you Gordon! Yes, little things which so often get thrown away, like flour boxes, they are absolute gems! I have a few recipe sheets from 1950’s and 60’s products like evaporated milk and Camp Coffee – fascinating! The illustrations too – especially the turn of the century advertisements in the back of old books for all sorts of peculiar items!


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