Visiting the Netherlands…

We’re so lucky to have wonderful friends in the Netherlands, and we are about to visit them again. We met through a shared love of music, but we found we had much more in common!

We have visited many times since we first became friends and visited some wonderful places including the home of Hieronymus Bosch,  ‘s-Hertogenbosch. The sun nearly always shines on us when we visited, and in Den Bosch as the city is known, it was a simply splendid day. The city itself is very interesting, even without its association with the famous painter and I would love to visit again one day. As well as going to see exhibitions of the life of Bosch we went on a trip round the old waterways; every so often there would be a  figure from one of Bosch’s famous paintings, which was weird but wonderful. Bosch was born about 11450 and named HJheronimus; his family were painters, but he has become famous for his huge and complex works, mostly of a religious nature – but a very strange vision of Christian teachings.



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