This boy, 2…

I mentioned this song in a post the other day when I was writing about Alan Johnson’s autobiography of the same name. It was written by John Lennon, although it is always credited to Lennon McCartney. I was a great Beatles fan and first heard it as the B-side when I bought the 7″ vinyl single ‘I want to hold your hand’. It’s sung by John, with Paul and George harmonizing with him, and to a teenager in the sixties, it was dreamy and romantic – and that is how I hear it still now!

I know vinyl is becoming more popular again – but I wonder how many people actually play their vinyls, and how many just have them as collector’s items? There is a whole vocabulary connected with them, A-side, B-side, and those magic numbers, 33, 45, 78, and I still talk about records when I mean CDs or albums.

If you want to rread my other post about This Boy, the autobiography, look here:

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