It’s plane…

This curious tree which we saw in a lovely park in Morristown, New Jersey, is apparently a plane tree, a London plane in fact… so it says on its label. This species of tree, which here is labelled platanus occident, is also known as an American sycamore; we saw it in the summer, but apparently over the winter it does not drop its fruit which hang like little Christmas ornaments.

The London plane in London is ideal for city life, and doesn’t mind heat, cold or pollution… so I guess it’s ideal for a busy little park, Morristown Green. Apparently the tree is a natural hybrid from two other plane trees, the occidentalis and the orientalis and first appeared in the id 1600’s. No-one knows how long they can live, because so far none have died of old age!

This tree we saw had a curious feminine shape… maybe she’s a lady Ent, maybe she’s an Entwife! The entwives went missing in the Lord of the Rings saga, maybe they fled to America!




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