Rewriting the end

In real life nothing can be changed once it is done… the end of something has happened and that’s it… however, in the world of fiction anything is possible!

My next e-novel to be published, The Double Act, is finished and complete… last-minute checking is taking place… I have rewritten the ending, cutting out a whole load of soppy guff, and was just looking at my rewrite when the spectre of a friend’s helpful criticism loomed across the page.

I am very fortunate in having friends who read my novels and give their honest opinions; luckily for me the comments are usually favourable, but I have one friend who I really value as a critic, because as well as saying lots of nice things, she also offers really helpful suggestions. She told me that one of my books ended rather abruptly, and although all the different story lines were tied up, it was just seemed hurried and not quite finished off properly.

I really took this advice on board… there is nothing worse than an unsatisfactory ending – and not that she thought my ending was unsatisfactory, she just thought it could have been better. As I reread my rewrite of The Double Act for about the seventh time, my friend’s comments seemed to whisper in my ear.

I suddenly had a revelation, and last night I began to write another chapter,and this will be the final chapter, this will finish it,and finish it satisfactorily… I hope! So, to work!

If you haven’t read any of my books, here is a link and any comments will be gratefully received!

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