Homeward straight

How is it than however far away a deadline is set, as it approaches there seems more to do not less? When I decided to publish my next novel, The Double Act on Friday 31st July, I seemed to have plenty of time to tidy up the last little issues, complete the cover, do all the admin connected with publishing on Amazon through Kindle Direct Publishing… and yet now I still seem to have much to do.

I self-edit my work and it is difficult to be objective enough to not only spot all the grammatical and punctuation errors and spelling mistakes which a spell-checker doesn’t always pick up (to/too for instance) but also the mistakes in continuity, the inadvertent repetitions, the factual errors, the places where style or tone have got lost… I know I over-write, that’s just part of my process it seems, so I know I have to cut out a lot of errant verbiage, like pruning an over vigorous shrub,  but getting the text, and especially the speech, trim and ‘tight’ enough without losing natural rhythms is a delicate balance.

I am going through the text one last and final time, tweaking here and there, adjusting, re-arranging… all necessary I’m positive… I have very eagle-eyed readers so I want to do my very best to make sure it’s as good as i can make it.

I admit I am having a bit of a panic… will it be done by Friday? Yes, of course it will!

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