Toasted cheese

As children we had both cheese on toast and toasted cheese. Cheese on toast was literally that, grated cheese on toast, put under the grill to go all bubbly and brown. Toasted cheese was actually what I guess might be called Welsh rarebit; it was made in a saucepan, butter, cheese, a little mustard powder… milk? Not sure although many recipes say beer… but as children we wouldn’t have had beer so maybe it was milk. It was poured onto toast… and was it then flashed under the grill? I’m not sure, but I did really like it!

My mother-in-law made something called cheese fluff, which my husband and his friends raved about. She told me she’d had to invent it when my husband came hoe with some friends, as young lads who had been out with their band playing somewhere, all starving hungry and the cupboard was bare! She toasted the bread she had, grated the cheese, melted it in butter in a pan, stirred in some egg yolks then whisked the egg whites and folded them in. This increased the size of the ingredients, and also made them light and fluffy, like a sort of cheese meringue I guess. No doubt she seasoned it with pepper and probably mustard, but it became a legendary snack for the rock and roll star wannabes!

I make a toasted cheese sandwich now for my husband and son; I butter a slice of bread and put it butter side down in a pan over a low heat. If it has ham in it as well, I spread mustard on the uppermost side and lay ham on top. Then I put on thin slices or grated cheese. I then put another slice of bread on top with the outside side buttered. I check what is going on underneath, lifting the sandwich with a spatula to check it is browning, then I flip it over. Now I press it gently down to squidge it together, flattening it slightly with the spatula. When both sides have achieved the requisite browning – I may have to turn up the gas to achieve this, I put the sandwich onto a plate,cut it in half, fins a napkin and give it to the hungry boys!



  1. David Lewis

    My Dad used to make a sharp cheddar cheese sauce and pour it over crispy bacon on toast and called it Welsh Rabbit. I loved it then but can’t stand the smell of bacon anymore. Don’t know why?

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  2. David Lewis

    We have back bacon that comes from the loin and also peameal bacon which is cured and covered with corn meal. We also have the regular bacon. I remember bacon in England had a little bit of bone or gristle in it that you don’t see here but I think it came from Denmark. Sharp cheese is a white aged cheddar my favorite.

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