Getting it out there

I published my most recent novel, The Double Act, as an e-book two days ago on Friday 31st July. I self-published it on Amazon through KDP (KIndle Direct Publishing) and I am so grateful to the people who have already bought it – a really big thank you!

All my life I have wanted to be a writer (even as a very small child I wanted to tell stories before I could write them!) and I have tried to have my stories and novels published by conventional means. I can’t tell you how many publishers and agents I have written to, how many manuscripts or synopses and excerpts I have posted, how many times I have been promised interest but then been let down, how many writing competitions I’ve entered. I’m not complaining, that is just the way it is – and there are thousands of people just like me, trying to get their writing to the attention of someone who can promote it. For every unknown writer who has their work picked up and published there are thousands like me, maybe millions whose work never reaches the one person who could change their lives.

Now I have got my work out there, and people can read my stories – and I hope enjoy them! However, now the novels are available, as e-books, I have to promote them and bring them to people’s attention. There are millions of books available, how can I get to people who don’t know me and persuade them that they should have a look at mine?

I write about my work here, and promote how I write, what I write, the process and the progress here on my blog. I have a Facebook page, I have a twitter account and I’m on LinkedIn, I have a web-site… I write to people, I message and mail people, I talk about my work to whoever I meet… There is the satisfaction of knowing that I’ve done this by myself with the help of dear and kind friends who recommend me to their friends and acquaintances, but I just feel there is a step further I need to go to reach a wider audience. I’m not sure what it is yet, nor how I can take it… but I shall keep persevering!

Here is a link to The Double Act:

If you want to catch up on my other novels, here is a link for them too:



  1. David Lewis

    In Canada they talk about networking when looking for a job so I suppose it would be the same when trying to promote or publish a book. You make new friends and meet there friends and there friends friends etc. You have to leave your old haunts and seek new fertile ground to put your ideas across. Don’t be too pushy or in your face though and lay on the charm in a coy sort of way. A mini skirt and a revealing blouse always works for the males you wish to impress.

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  2. Isabel Lunn

    It always makes me cross when I see some of the rubbish that does get published and I think of your jolly good writing that doesn’t. Is it a case of who you know? I’ve downloaded your latest and am looking forward to reading it. I’ll try my best to spread the word, but I probably don’t know the right people either.

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