I guess many people will see my profile picture and know immediately where I was when I took it, who the sculpture is of, and what he achieved. I have to confess that I had never heard of this fine flying gentleman, but I found out that he is Bobby Orr and this amazing piece of bronze shows him in the air immediately after he scored what became “The Goal” that won the 1970 Stanley Cup Championship for  the Bruins’  who beat the St. Louis Blues.

For those of you who have no idea of who Bobby is, who the Bruins are, and what sport the St Louis Blues played in the Stanley Cup in 1970 and any other year, this is what I learned. Bobby Orr was born in 1948 in Ontario in Canada; like many Canadians Orr began to play and then excel at ice hockey. Eventually he joined the Boston Bruins and played for them for ten seasons and it was during this time he scored “The Goal”, and the significant thing about that win in 1970, was that it was the first for the Bruins since 1941. He had an illustrious career in ice hockey, and used his fame to help others, people he knew and those he didn’t, supporting many charities.


He certainly will never be forgotten, and this statue will be admired and his memory honoured for generations of Bruins’ fans to come!


  1. David Lewis

    Bobby Orr was the greatest hockey player ever and that’s coming from a Montreal fan. He re-invented the role of a defenceman and won the Lady Bing trophy for sportsmanship and was an allaround nice guy. His team mate Phil Esposito came from Sault Ste. Marie and was my neighbor. Older than me tho.


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