One more cover story

Because I self-publish on Amazon with Kindle Direct Publishing, I have to do everything myself, including the cover of my e-books. I quite enjoy it, it’s quite a challenge to try and do something which I think will be arresting, appealing, and attractive and which will encourage people to buy my book. I feel that it has to be current, and  in keeping with other similar novels, it has to look as professional as I can make it considering I’m not a professional artist or designer, and above all it has to represent and say something about what lies within.

The Double Act, my latest novel, as the title suggests is about a couple – a couple who are described by their friends at the great double act. I don’t actually mention examples of great double acts, I think that might ‘date’ my story. So when I was thinking about my cover, I wanted a picture which had a pair of something, and as this story is not the cosy romance the opening might suggest, but something much darker, more threatening and very , very dangerous, I wanted an illustration which had a sinister quality to reflect it.

Four years ago I visited Surrey University with my daughter who was wondering whether to apply; in the grounds was this sculpture, of three wolves:

wolves on the campus 3

When I was looking through my photographs, I came across it, and it struck me that the lead pair of animals did indeed look sinister and dangerous… I realised I had the illustration I needed.

You might find this is the cover for The Double Act!

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