Hitting the sweet spot

Writing is my life, and even when I’m not actually sitting here working, even when I’m walking or driving somewhere, doing chores, in the garden, out and about, the processes are still going on in my head.

My latest novel The Double Act, was a story I had written a while ago, and I  worked hard over the last few months , bringing it up to date, editing it, making sure it was as free of errors and typos as I possibly could. It was a necessary process but I have to admit it was rather dull, but the hard work had to be done.

Now I am back working creatively on a new story… and this is what I find exciting! it’s true that some parts of a novel are harder to write than others, sometimes it’s the tricky bits that need to be worked out, sometimes it’s the necessary links and explanations, sometimes it is looking back and checking that everything is logical and makes sense. However, actually writing the story, actually telling the story, is great! Sometimes, and I’ve hit one of those sometimes, the story writes itself! It just seems to flow and the words tumble out, and I have hit one of those moments!

I know some authors plan everything to the last degree, and have plans and plots and flow-charts, and index files, and record cards, and large pieces of paper pinned to he walls with graphs and diagrams…. I can’t do  that, it just isn’t my way of writing. I might have some idea of where I’m going with a story (although not always) but I rarely have a complete plan of how I’m going to get there, who I’m going to meet in terms of characters, and what they are going to say and do… Writing becomes a surprise to me as well,I hope, as being surprising for my readers when its complete.

This doesn’t mean that I don’t check, recheck, rewrite, erase, insert, manipulate what I have written. Once the story is written then the real hard work begins… but just at the moment I have, to use a golfing term, hit the sweet spot!

The Double Act

Don’t think ‘The Double Act’ is a romance, this may be a love story… but the other side of love is dark love




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