Summer frolics

These days landlords and landladies of pubs have to work hard to keep their establishments alive and buzzing,; they have to be original in how they draw the punters in, and then make sure they want to come back regularly. It isn’t just those essentials, good beer and a nice comfortable bar, it’s much more than that. People have to feel at home, but they also have to have a reason for coming to one pub over another.

We’re so lucky to have two excellent pubs in our village; our local is the Dolphin and everyone involved in it works so hard in order for us regulars to keep being regular! it goes without saying that the beer in the Dolphin is excellent and well kept, and that there are plenty of other things to drink, ciders, wines, spirits, soft drinks… a whole range which would have amazed my grandfather who kept a pub from 1923 to 1950! The Dolphin has an excellent cook who serves the most delicious food, bar snacks and light meals, a full menu, and a curry night on Thursday and a fish and chip shop on Friday.

There are all sorts of activities in the Dolphin, music on Mondays, quiz on Tuesdays, poker, darts, crib, a meat draw… There are annual events to, ranging from the sloe gin competition and the hot wings eating competition, to the fantastic Hobphin charity folk festival. There are golf tournaments, trips, visits… lots and lots of different and interesting activities.

It’s summer, and what could be more English in the summer, than a troop or group of Morris men! The Chalice Morris came to perform, and there was a whole gang of people sitting outside enjoying their capers. Lots of beer was drunk – its thirsty work being a Morris man and thirsty work watching them!


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