Do seagulls fly at night?

We live by the sea so seagulls are one of our most common birds, common gulls as you might guess, herring gulls and black headed gulls. We see them in our gardens, on the roofs of the houses in our village, there was even a seagull down our road who was adopted by a family of baby jackdaws.

We are sued to hearing their cries and calls all through the day; as I sit here writing I can look out across our garden and see them perched on the chimney pots of the houses in the next street, shouting their heads off and calling and crying to each other. When we first moved her in the late 60’s, flocks of them would fly out to sea in the evening to settle on distant islands. Now they seem to prefer to stay on the land. over the last couple of nights I have heard them very raucously, even in the early hours of the morning. They aren’t staying in one place but moving about.

Perhaps I have just never noticed before, or maybe they are sort of nocturnal. I looked up the nocturnal habits of seagulls and there were various answers, that in urban places where the lights are on all night they fly around seeking food, that in places like refuse dumps they are always awake seeking things to eat… and then I had a sudden thought. over the last few nights the moon has been very bright in a clear sky; no doubt that added to street lights, and the sort of things to eat they can find everywhere in our untidy towns and villages,seagulls are perfectly able to fly about and find a late supper.


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