A pretty street…

Weston-super-mare where we live is often described as a pretty town; there are lots of attractive features, it has some very nice parks and the municipal floral displays are well looked after by an excellent team of gardeners, and along the promenade there are some interesting designs,  but really, it is not a pretty town.

However there are little corners which are really photogenic; this street which is within what you might call the town centre, has obviously got residents who are proud of where they live and imaginative in what they do to their property. Small, terraced housing, in narrow streets, the walls neatly painted in colours which glow in the sunshine, contrasting paintwork around the doors and windows, window boxes… Care and imagination make this a lovely home for anyone. The neighbours too, seem to have taken care with how their houses look, although no window boxes yet. I don’t suppose any of what has been done cost a fortune, and yet, supposing they wanted to sell their home, I’m sure the price would reflect the attractive exterior – because I’m sure the home within is equally lovely and well cared for!

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