Pushing on

It’s great writing, I love it, and sometimes I sit here writing, look up and hours have gone by and pages are covered. How exciting that is, to be taken somewhere else by the narrative and to follow your characters exploits, almost as if they are nothing to do with you and you’re just observing them.

At other times, all the thoughts and mental preparation come into play and you work, building the story step by step, sentence by sentence, flexing your writing muscles, and at the end of the session, there is the task, if not complete, at least it is there in its first draft.

…and then come the times when every sentence, every phrase every word has to be dragged out and written. Like a huge tangled fishing net which has to be tediously unravelled and spread out to be of any use, instead of just a jumble, like jigsaw puzzle dropped in a heap of sand which has to be painstakingly sorted out, organised and constructed – especially if the subject matter just seems to be a cloudy sky, all shades of grey, and at the end of a couple of hours of sitting trying to write there is a disappointing and not very good paragraph…

I’m not sure if it is me or my story, but at the moment writing is a struggle, and instead of thousands of words, or hundreds of words, it seems to be tens of words. I know I’ll get there, I know I just have to persevere, but at the moment it’s hard work. never mind, I’ll carry on, I’ll keep at it; it may take longer than I had hoped, but it will get done!

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