The Double Act

I am really pleased by the comments I have received from people who have read my latest novel, The Double Act. I am especially pleased because it is something I wrote quite a while a go and had to work really hard editing it and bringing it up to the present… When I wrote it technology was very much around, but not as sophisticated as now, and some plot devices hinged on  that, for example when characters were out of touch with each other or couldn’t make contact.

The opening of The Double Act might lead the reader to believe that it’s going to be a romance, betrayal and thwarted love, guilt and regret… yes, that is an aspect, but only a minor aspect. The actual story is much darker than that and in fact I have subtitled my story as ‘the other side of love, dark love’. I can’t reveal too much without giving the twists and turns of the plot away, but there is violence, vandalism, attempted murder, kidnapping, and the mysterious disappearance of two women from their blood-stained home. Other themes are domestic and child abuse, infidelity, and the casual moral code of a group of women who have known each other since childhood.

The Double Act is set in my fictitious seaside town of Easthope, and some of the most dramatic scenes take place on the beach and cliffs along this imaginary coastline, culminating in a horrific climax on a small island little more than a sea-stack in a violent storm.

If you haven’t yet read The Double Act, here is a link:

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