Five days to go

It’s five days until November 1st… five days to the 50,000 word writing challenge of the National Novel Writing Month – no prizes except self-satisfaction of completing it! I first entered in 2013, but I had thought about doing it the year before… this is what I wrote about it on October 22nd 2012:

I’ve read about it before but never more than vaguely contemplated doing it. However, having decided that ‘Loving Judah’ will be published on October 31st, maybe I should set myself a new challenge for November. I have decided my next published book will be ‘Night Vision’… but that comes from my stable of unpublished but completed work. Maybe I should actually start to write creatively again rather than editing and refining something I already have?

I have plenty of ideas… I  even have three characters, brothers, actually… I have been practising my writing here on the blog since March, and before that 750 words, which is like a private blog to yourself  but with an aspiration of writing those seven hundred and fifty words every day for a month!

I did it for about a year – not completing every month, but it was a terrific inspiration and really got me back into writing with verve again after a couple of years of labouring in the shadows while my day job and family commitments were to the fore.

Now… how about a new challenge for myself… how about it? I wonder if I could… surely it would be fun… surely it would be worth trying? Nothing ventured, nothing gained and a load of other clichés?

I successfully published both ‘Loving Judah’ and ‘Night Vision’ and it’s interesting that I was already thinking about a story with three brothers – the three brothers became Marcus, Paul and John Radwinter, and they were joined by a fourth who became the narrator, Thomas. I’m also interested to see what I thought about my writing then, and I had completely forgotten what I owe to 750 words!

This still takes me no nearer to deciding what I’m going to write about on Sunday!!

If you haven’t read ‘Loving Judah’ or ‘Night Vision’ here is a link:

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