Anniversary celebration in Ireland

It was our wedding anniversary last week and dear friends took us out to lunch… in Ireland! No, not the country, but a tiny hamlet in Bedfordshire. There was a very attractive pub called the Black Horse and we parked and went in to find it equally as attractive inside.

We were shown through to a lovely table and were quickly attended to by a cheerful, friendly and smiling waitress who brought us water and menus and drinks. This was where it became difficult… such a wonderful menu I was hard-pressed to decide what to have! Should I have the moules mariniere… or the BBC cassoulet of beetroot, butter bean and chorizo, three of my most favourite ingredients? Or maybe the salade niçoise of beetroot and smoke mackerel – how yummy does that sound? Or maybe brawn?

I think we were in an extension at the back, but it all flowed through from the pub and bar area so beautifully with unusual art on the walls and many mirrors which made the area light and open and with a great feeling of space. There were tables to suit every sized party – we could have accommodated six on our table, we were adjacent to a table for two and in the window was a round table which could have comfortably accommodated eight. There were other tables, all with people sitting enjoying each other’s company and the super food, chatting and eating and spending a pleasant lunchtime.

Our drinks had arrived and my fellow diners had decided, two fish and triple cooked chips (I hope the waiter realised we were teasing when I told them my cousin said they had been cooked once in the factory, reheated yesterday and cooked again today!!) and one fillet of sea bass and spicy mango salsa… In the end I made a decision:

BEDFORDSHIRE OCTOBER 2015 (358)… the sharing platter as a main, humous (flavoured with orange not lemon – a genius idea) piccalilli which surely was home-made, a melt-in-your-mouth divine mushroom flan, spicy soup (celery I think) as smooth as velvet and perfectly seasoned, warm chicken strips with a light tomatoey salsa-y sort of dressing, an onion bhaji, olives and bread which had been flashed on a griddle…

I made the right choice, it was delicious! It was a great way to celebrate our anniversary, and huge compliments to the chef and the friendly and efficient waiting staff.

Here is a link… check out the menu and you’ll see what I mean!


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