Curious coincidence

I’ve mentioned this before and it must happen to other writes too, that I write about something which I have completely made up, not based on anything I have experienced, seen or read about, and within a few weeks something similar happens in real life.

When I wrote Radwinter, two years ago, one of the story-lines was about homeless people; the main character, Thomas and Kylie, rescued an old tramp who had fallen over in the snow and take him to a homeless shelter. Subsequently they volunteer at the shelter, and come across another old man, Red, who helps in Thomas’s quest to find the truth about his own family. In the second novel about the Radwinter family, Magick, Red appears again and this time literally saves Thomas’s life . Thomas continues to help out at the shelter, and in my latest novel he has to arrange accommodation and support for a group of people who have been camping in a churchyard, much to the anxiety of the vicar.

I wrote this several weeks ago but just the other day there was a report in the newspaper about a vicar who was having trouble evicting a similar group of homeless people from his churchyard, just as happened in my fictitious one! Then today, as i was teaching conversational English to my group in a local church hall, there was a couple of homeless people who had parked their van in the churchyard!!

Homelessness is a terrible problem, and the poor people who have to live in such terrible circumstances need help, but how curious that I should have written about them and churchyards only to find it subsequently coming true!


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