Great viewing!

We’re absolutely spoiled at the moment for good drama on TV… there are many things which are not my cup of tea but are very good with great followings, but my cup of tea is crime drams and police procedurals. We have two excellent series running at the moment, and coincidentally they both star one of my favourite actors, Nicola Walker.

River, on BBC1, is what seems like a straightforward story of a detective investigating the death of his partner, played by Nicola Walker. There is one extraordinary twist to this which I won’t spoil by giving it away – if you haven’t seen the series it would wreck a brilliant surprise if I mentioned it. As well as being a murder investigation, the story also concerns the character, personality and mental state of the main character, John River played with stunning intensity by Stellan Skarsgård a Swedish actor. it is set in London, but London given an anonymity so it coul be any city in the world and there is almost a futuristic, dystopian sense in the way the city not only backdrops the action but seems to pervade and influence the action… or am I being too fanciful? I have no idea ‘who dunnit’ and I have no idea what further secrets will be revealed!

Unforgotten, on ITV, is more of a police procedural, although the main characters are given enough back story to make them believable; a skeleton is discovered during building work and it is established it belongs to a young boy who went missing forty years ago, and it is apparent he was murdered. The team of police who are investigating it are believable and individual, and you get a real sense of what it must be like to investigate such a complicated case, and how many different people must be involved. In the first episode we are introduced to a series of characters, all played by first class actors, each of whom it gradually emerges over the series, has some involvement in the murder. The characters are splendidly drawn and acted, and the story becomes more and more complex, and as with River, I have absolutely no idea who dunnit!

Nicola Walker who leads in both series is a great actress; she was born in London in 1970, and you have probably seen her in any number of great Tv dramas and films. her TV work includes: Pie in the Sky, Touching Evil, Jonathan Creek, Dalziel and Pascoe,  Spooks, Red Cap, Luther, Law & Order: UK, New Tricks, Last Tango in Halifax, Prisoners’ Wives, Heading Out, Scott & Bailey and Babylon… Wow, what a CV!

Here is a little more about them… but the best thing to do is to watch them yourself!


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