Fifty thousand words later…

I’m amazed that I’ve actually managed to complete this years National Novel Writing Month, amazed because I struggled so much to begin with and got off to such a slow start. I dithered between three different premises but in the end one idea began to resolve itself into a writeable story and over the last few days I have been virtually glued to my keyboard. Even when I went to Birmingham yesterday I took my tablet and continued to write in the car – although I had to give up as we struggled with mega-traffic trying to find somewhere to park.

So, I have written my 50,000 words, and my prize is the satisfaction in knowing I’ve achieved it. I’ve taken up the challenge twice before and every time I’ve done it I have tried to write properly, not just sticking in extra words to make up the number, not writing ‘is not/ did not/ have not’ instead of isn’t/didn’t/hasn’t’; although I haven’t spent as much time reviewing, rewriting, checking, etc. as I would with my normal writing, I have written with thought, and done necessary research, as I’ve mentioned,, when I was finding about earthquake activity in the 1930’s!

What has come out of it is a new novel which I shall work on and hope to finish next year, and probably publish next Easter. As well as continuing my story of the Radwinter family, unpicking their past as well as having new things happen to them, the main character has new challenges; he is commissioned to find out the truth behind the deaths of several school girls in the 1930’s, as well as tracing his wife’s Huguenot ancestors. there are various other little puzzles too to keep and the reader occupied – as well as some surprise developments in his own little family!

So back to work…


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