Modern magic – The Wireless

I came across this treasure in another little recipe book, this time it is Atora beef suet’s little offering for 1933!

While we are recounting the joys of Christmas, we must not forget those that come from the possession of a wireless set. How our forefathers would gasp with amazement could they visit us for an evening in our homes, and note the magic wrought by the touch of a finger. The house is flooded with melody – an orchestra playing in Vienna! A beautiful voice rings through the room – a prima donna is singing in Madrid! The Prime Minister talks gravely to us as we sit and warm our toes! A London band sends us gaily dancing round the room! How beautifully they speak to us, sing to us, play to us, and what good fun they are – those aunts who are never cross, those uncles who are never grumpy!
To dwellers in the city, to villagers in the dale, most of all perhaps to the cottagers on the distant fell, the “radio” is a blessing and a joy.


  1. Bill Hayes

    It is the dial tat I will always remember. Turn on the wireless and wait as all the ubes warmed up. Then the light behind the tuning dial revealed an entire world: Dehli, Hilverson, Moniti Carlo, Oslo, Vatican City, Moscow, Berlin. Turn the big bakerlight knob and reveal voices from across the world. Distant voices fade in and out. The sound of All India radio enters the room and then fades away.

    Digital radio dosen’t comes close.

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    1. Lois

      I was a radio addict as a child… especially Children’s Hour which taught me so much about so many things, but lots of other programmes too… I had a little stool and would sit beside it to listen when the rest of the family were doing other things… You’re so right Bill, digital doesn’t come close!!


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