Pudding puzzle

As we get into the festive season, clubs, groups, colleagues, friends, arrange to get together for a celebratory meal or lunch, and this afternoon it was the turn of our French conversation class. One of our number, not our teacher, very kindly hosted it, and not only did that but provided a delicious lunch, with wine, for us all. Between the main course and dessert, she gave us a ‘pudding quiz’ which we puzzled over for some time, in teams, and had a lot of fun trying to guess the answers…

Here is part of it – the numbers refer to the number of letters in each word of the answer:

  1. Miss Marple’s favourite perhaps? (5,2,9)
  2. First lady’s dessert (4,7)
  3. Royal washing item (8,6)
  4. A fruity little bun (10,9)
  5. Pudding accompaniment (7,6)
  6. This way is hard to walk on (5,4)
  7. Money to be made from this character (11)
  8. This festive wood is not for the fire (9,3)
  9. Take a look and see a mathematical symbol (5,3)
  10. Captain Morgan’s hairdresser (3,4)
  11. What to do legally if this pudding causes an accident (4)
  12. This can be eaten any day of the week (6)
  13. Sandwiches (5,3,6)
  14. What a gardener does in an orchard (6)

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