Last leg…

Having been wandering round in a mire of words for a few weeks now, knowing roughly how my next as yet untitled novel will end, over the last couple of days all has become clear. It seemed that, with all the plot-lines resolved in what I hope is a realistic and yet unexpected way, that the last few scenes would be a bit of a damp squib, or squibs… I needed some action, not just unravelling, but a bit of something happening… Now, as I say, in a flash of inspiration, involving a spade and a sabre (you’ll have to read it to find out more) I know how the story will conclude – the very last scene, and I just have to get it written.

At this stage I have to push myself to get the words on paper, once they are there then I can work on them, refine them, delete or insert them… last leg, the last leg.

However, once I have finished, that is not the end, that is by no means the end! I will sit and read it through to see it as a whole, and probably correcting, adding, extending, popping in little references and descriptions, researching and explaining things I’ve referred to which might not be clear, tidying it all up. Then I will read it again – having spell-checked it several times, and deleted words which I keep repeating, those little words like ‘just’ and ‘utterly’ and ‘then’… I have a feeling there is rather too many emotional words, too many tears, so they will have to be rewritten or eliminated. because there are several different plots, I will follow each plot to make sure it is consistent and there aren’t any holes, and then I will put it onto my own Kindle and read it there. At that point I will begin to properly separate it into chapters and maybe parts, and add in the titles, the copywrite information, the dedication, the bits and pieces that go into a book as well as the story…

Oh… and at some point, I really must come up with a title!


  1. mariathermann

    Not so fast, sister author! The very last leg of this many-legged beastie is the dreaded blurb…no matter how hard I try to provide readers with the”organic” thing, I end up with a wooden leg for the blurb. My least favourite job of publishing!

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