Guinness cake…

Arthur Guinness, founder of the world-famous Dublin brewery was born in 1725, and thirty-four years later he signed a 9,000 (yes nine thousand) year lease on a premises in Dublin which was a disused brewery. He had to pay rent, obviously, but what he paid included water rates, so however much he used for the next 9,000 years, was covered in his rent. It was a decent sized site of four acres, and as it had been a brewery there was already everything he might need to start producing beer, including a copper, a mash tun, a mill, two malt houses and stables.

When Arthur started brewing, he didn’t have it in his mind to invent a new type of drink… he was just producing beer and porter… there are many stories and legends about how Guinness as we know it today was ‘invented’, but now it is one of the world’s most recognizable brands.

I really enjoy Guinness, but wouldn’t drink it all the time, for me it is a special occasion beer; although it is often served extra-cold, I prefer it at normal cellar temperature!


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