Small cakes and large cakes

I love making cakes,although I don’t often actually eat cake myself… unless it’s carrot cake I will rarely take cake with coffee when out, and unless it’s Christmas pudding I won’t have a  dessert after a meal. However, I do have quite a lot of cake books… less so after my book cull! I was looking through my very old ‘Light Fare Recipes – for Corn Flour and “Raisley” Cookery’ (goodness knows when it was published – some time in the reign of George V 1910-1936!) and was looking at all the different cakes, small and large, which I have never heard of before. A couple of days ago I posted a recipe for Bristol cake, which until then was unknown to me even though we only live twenty or so miles from that city.

Small cakes (all with Brown and Polson’s “patent” cornflour or “Raisley”) I’ve never heard of:

  • Alexandra cakes – a normal sponge with vanilla essence, 1 oz ground almonds, and with a raspberry jam filling
  • Adelaide cakes – another normal sponge mixture with vanilla essence
  • Ferenze cakes – sweet sponge mixture with a greater proportion of sugar, 2 eggs, milk and spices – ground cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg
  • Erin cakes – intriguing, the recipe sounds more like biscuits, made with egg yolks and beaten egg white; iced with beaten egg white mixed with icing sugar and grated chocolate, then the sponge cut into squares, diamonds or shamrock shapes!
  • Ethel cakes – sponge mixture with dried fruit (candied peel, sultans and currants) almonds and lemon essence

Large cakes (all with Brown and Polson’s “patent” cornflour or “Raisley”) I’ve never heard of before:

  • Vandura lunch cake – sponge mixture with sultanas and candied peel and lemon zest
  • Mondamin cake…  I may have heard of this before, a sponge made in a special tine with a pipe in the middle
  • Feather cake – sponge cake dressed with a cocoanut icing
  • Gleniffer cake – chocolate and cocoanut cake, yolks added to the cornflour, sugar, cocoa and cocoanut, egg whites whipped and folded in, iced with a butter icing
  • Christmas plum cake – fruit cake, no plums
  • Coronation cake (maybe created for the coronation of George V) sponge cake with raisins, cinnamon and nutmeg

img002 (2)A Mondamin tin… picture from the cookery book

The challenge is now to cook them… probably for my creative writing group and my English conversation class!



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