So… the pub tonight…

We went out early; we wanted to visit a pub where my husband was going to be performing with his band. Being the drummer, he needs to know where he is going to set up his kit and how the logistics of the gig are going to work. So we set off; I knew where I thought the pub was, he knew where he thought the pub was… Actually I was right! So we eventually found the right pub, and once inside we were pleased to see on a noticeboard an advertisement for his band.

The pub is situated in a large estate on the outskirts of our town;what was once a small village has now been engulfed with modern housing. It’s a large pub,no doubt designed to accommodate the large numbers of people living on the estate. We went in and it was pretty empty apart from us and a group of people, friends on the next table. It was very pleasant in an ordinary sort of way; good beer, nice wine, friendly staff, clean comfortable… but decidedly lacking in atmosphere.

Having sorted out what we needed to know, and drunk our drinks (very good beer, and freshly opened wine, friendly bar staff) we went back to Uphill and decided to go to our pub, the Dolphin.

We left the car at home and walked the few hundred yards… the pub was virtually empty… a few people we knew at the bar and three ladies from the badminton club sitting round a table. I sat next to them and before long we were engaged in a hilarious conversation including a discussion about being the oldest child, badminton, friends and family, music, the singer Adele, the Mavericks, Northern Ireland and the way locals there pronounce the words ‘mirror’ and ‘towel’ and my husband’s band… oh and potholing…

Last orders were called and we finished our drinks and left, calling out goodbyes to staff and remaining customers and wove our way home through the dark and silent village streets… That is what an English pub is about!!


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