Beyond Hope

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At last!! At last I have the title for my latest book which I hope to publish within the next few days! it has really slowed me down, not being able to give it a name, but my husband suggested something along the lines of ‘Beyond Hope’ and I played around with it in my head and on paper and finally settled on what he had originally offered… and here it is… Beyond Hope. This is not the exact cover, but pretty much as it will finally be!

I actually feel quite excited, and a little nervous too! I have the last spell-checks, read throughs, lay-outs to finish, blurbs to be written and then.. it will be published.

It is the fourth in my series of books following the life and genealogical investigations of Thomas Radwinter; in the previous stories he has followed his paternal and maternal family history back several centuries, but also found out some very uncomfortable and painful truths in more recent times.

‘Beyond Hope’ starts with Thomas deciding to share what he has learned about their mother and father with his three brothers… but the truth can hurt, the truth can wound, and as Thomas reflects later, “I know at first hand, a very, very painful first hand, how old secrets have the power to wound and how sometimes those dogs snoozing away should be left doing exactly that, sleeping dogs should sometimes let lie.”

His revelations cause the close family ties to be tested which doesn’t help Thomas as he struggles with the other commissions he is being paid to undertake; he has been asked by a very elderly lady to find out who leaves lilies on a grave she visits, he has undertaken to investigate a mysterious lama who has a dangerous power over a hard-working teacher and devoted father, and he continues his search for the daughter of a friend who has become involved with a very dangerous man… And all the while his own little family has to face difficult decisions, and the fall-out between his brothers may only be healed if Thomas can find out what happened to their father.

If you haven’t yet read my Radwinter stories, or my other e-novels, here is a link:


  1. David Lewis

    Beyond hope would be an apt description of my first three marriages. Beyond belief describes my present marriage. Should have listened to my boy scout instructor and been prepared!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lois

      I was only in the Brownies – I didn’t take to guides… I was in the fairy six and our song was “We’re the Fairies bright and gay, Helping others every day…”


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