Welsh rarebit – the other way…

Yesterday I mentioned the chef and TV personality Philip Harben. He was the first person ever to present a TV cookery show, and he became the forefather of the TV chefs we adore now. He was an interesting person; his mother, Mary Jerrold was a famous British film actress in the 1920’s, 30’s and 40’s. Philips’s father, Hubert, was also an actor on stage and on film, and his sister became a radio personality.  I don’t really remember Harben, but I do have a little cookery book of his, Cooking Quickly, which is quite delightful!

I mentioned his recipe for Welsh rarebit, a classic, but in his little book he has another:

Welsh Rarebit – the other way (15 mins – or, with previous preparation 7 minds – 2 people)
Melt 1 oz butter or other fat and stir in 1 oz flour. measure ¼pint of milk (fresh, tinned or dried) and with some of it mis a teaspoonful of mustard to fluid consistency.
Add the milk gradually, stirring well, to the roux of fat and flour, so to make an extra-thick white sauce. Flavour this with grated cheese, the fluid mustard and a little Worcester sauce until the mixture has a good strong cheese flavour. How much cheese you will need depends, of course, on how strongly flavoured it is.
While you are making this super-cheese sauce, toast a couple of thick slices of bread. Don’t butter the toast – the cheese mixture is very rich already. Spread the cheese mixture thickly on the toast and brown it off under the grill.
Note that you can make the cheese sauce mixture up in advance, and use it as required.
Variations: Some of the milk can be replaced by up to a tablespoon of beer or stout.
By the way, none of these recipes will make anyone tipsy, the alcohol in the beer – if any! – is driven off by the cooking.


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