It was my birthday last week, and although it was a busy day, I still was treated to some lovely celebrations! My daughter rang from Ireland to wish me happy birthday and to sing to me; it was the day of an important exam so she had been working and revising and my card would be delayed. My husband bought me a lovely selection of my favourite things for lunch and cooked me a superb lamb curry for dinner. I received lots of cards and messages, and a brilliant calendar of one of my favourite people, Paul Hollywood! My husband bought me two prints by a talented local artist, Jack Hicks, and my son bought me two CDs, one was Blackstar by David Bowie… what a wonderful and appropriate gift!

As my husband had a rehearsal with his rock band in the evening we decided that he would cook me a special dinner on Friday, and our son would share it with us and stay over as it was the weekend; we would have champagne and a really good wine, and we would enjoy a lovely evening… we are trying to economise, so eating at home a meal cooked by my favourite chef sounded a splendid idea. We went shopping and ought all we needed for a lovely meal and on Friday afternoon my husband went off for his ukulele band practice and said he would go straight from there to collect our son from work, and then he could drive home to practice for his forthcoming driving test.

While he was away I tidied round a little and got the table ready for my celebration meal. I was getting a bit anxious for my daughter over in Ireland because there had been a lot of snow and ice, and I knew she was driving today… I’d messaged her a couple of times, and she said all was ok,and she was nearly home.I was just doing some washing up when our car drew up on the drive and I went round to open the door. Husband and son came in but left the door gaping open… as they do… I was just about to shut it when who should walk in but my daughter!

Good grief!! what was she doing here? She should be in Ireland!! She and the boys had secretly arranged for her to fly over! My husband hadn’t gone to band practice but had gone to the airport to meet her! They had then gone to pick up my son from his work…

I was so surprised I was actually speechless! What a brilliant surprise!!! And well done to son and husband for keeping such an amazing secret so successfully!!!

A birthday to remember!


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