Mr Harben’s other rarebits…

Who would have thought there were so many recipes for what is basically a cheese dish with toast? Philip harben, known as the TV chef long before any other TV chef, shares a number of recipes and I can just imagine the jolly fellow making a lovely supper for unexpected guests or as a treat for himself when he came home late from some fun time with friends.

I’m sure Welsh friends will sigh at his supposed humour, but it is mild and innocent and of its time:

Other rarebits – all is not Welsh that’s rarebit. Indeed to goodness is there anything particularly national or regional about it, whateffer? Certainly there are other ‘rarebits’ to be made which cannot be called ‘Welsh’. The Buck Rarebit, look you is the finest of them all, a dish fit for heroes.

Buck Rarebit
Make ‘Welsh’ Rarebit by any of the three methods described above. At the same time have some salted water boiling in a shallow pan and in it lightly poach some new-laid eggs – one for each rarebit. Don’t put the eggs in until the rarebit is nearly ready, because the cheese will not spoil with keeping hot but the eggs will. As soon as the eggs are done, slip one gently on top of each rarebit, taking care no water goes with it.

Here are the other methods of making Mr Harben’s rarebit:

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