Still casting off… night night nightie

It’s the last week of January, and at the beginning of the month and the new year, I decided I would attempt to get rid of at least one thing every day; this was mainly for practical reasons, our house is just full of STUFF, and I am a terrible one for hanging onto things for no real reason, just the vague thought they might be useful one day, or the children might like it in the future. No! I have told myself… those pretty wrappings from last year’s Christmas crackers are never going to be useful, the children will never want the incomplete jigsaw you were so fond of when you were a child… Getting rid of doesn’t just mean throwing in the bin – that is the last resort… recycle to friends, children, charity shops and only as a last resort actually put in the recycling rubbish bins.

So today… today I am going to say goodbye to three very very old nighties; they actually are a bit of a disgrace, full of holes and the fabric so thin in parts it is almost transparent. I can’t actually remember how old they are, at least twenty years. Two are identical, made of a soft pale blue/turquoise cotton with a pale grim trim round the neck and sleeves and with some now invisible motto or slogan across the front. The other is exactly the same style, short with short sleeves, but in two shades of purple.

Why have I hung on to them? They are comfortable, easy to wash, easy to iron, and I guess I keep thinking oh, they’ll last a bit longer yet… well yes… they will, but I have other nighties and in fact was bought a beautiful lilac and grey striped soft cotton, actually similar in style to the old ones. I’m hanging onto them from a sense of being economical, of not wasting, of making things last, something which I was brought up with. I’m hanging onto them for an almost sentimental reason, as if they have feelings and would be hurt if I rejected them… such nonsense! And I guess I’m hanging onto them because I’m perverse… they are comfortable so why shouldn’t I wear them?

But they have to go. I have five perfectly nice nighties, some of which are also quite old, but none of which has holes in or has worn thin with use. If I have five, I certainly don’t need another three. Too ragged to go to a charity shop, they will go into the recycling rubbish bin…

Maybe tomorrow I will look at scarves… I love scarves but I do have an awful lot of them…


  1. David Lewis

    I tell the girls that start working out at the YMCA not to throw there fat pants away too soon as you could reach a plateau or even start gaining weight again. I regret that I was a little rash in cleaning out my own closet. I find that my pants lately are either too tight or want to fall down just like my Dad at my age. Maybe time for some braces?

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