Chafing dish recipes

For those who have read my thoughts on chafing dishes, you may well be wondering what you could actually cook on or in them, as opposed to just keeping prepared food warm. The Brown and Polson ‘Light Fare for Corn Flour and Raisley Cookery’ describes chafing dish cookery as ‘an art’ and describes how ‘it is usually men who assume command of the dish’. So what recipes does the little 1930’s book offer? Some sound very tasty, some are so far out of fashion it might be difficult to even get the ingredients!

  • eggs á la Cublet
  • creamed salt cod fish
  • curried eggs
  • fricassée of eggs
  • oysters fried in batter
  • creamed lobster
  • lobster patties
  • creamed sweetbreads
  • curry sauce for meats
  • spaghetti
  • creamed toast
  • beef pats
  • creamed chicken
  • brains

Some of these recipes should be cooked in the blazer over hot water, some in the blazer without hot water – the blazer is the smaller of the two cooking dishes, it fitted into the larger pan which was filled with hot water.

Just in case you are intrigued by eggs á la Cublet, I can find no trace of any recipe for it apart from in Brown and Polson’s books and recipes…

Here is more information about the chafing dish and it popularity in the first part of the twentieth century:

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