School uniform…

I might be very controversial here, but I actually like the idea of a school uniform… something practical, something people who have to wear it won’t mind wearing too much, something which is economical to buy, hard-wearing, long-lasting, and is suitable for a range of ages.

When I was at my junior school, we didn’t have a school uniform, but when my children went to school they did. it was so easy for me as a mum to get them ready in the morning; it was quite adaptable, white shirt, red then blue uniform sweatshirt, grey trousers or skirt, black sensible shoes. By the time they went to school girls were allowed to wear trousers… although boys weren’t allowed to wear skirts but I don’t remember that being an issue then – now there are schools which just have a uniform, including a skirt or dress which any child can wear.

When I went to secondary school – and here ‘old girls’ from my school might disagree, I thought it was quite practical – i had a green skirt, white shirt, blue and green striped tie, green jumper or cardigan, green duffle coat or blazer, indoor and outdoor shoes… leg wear was an issue because this was before the days of Lycra so we could wear short or knee-length white socks or stockings with, dare I say it, suspender belts – these were the most uncomfortable and horrible things imaginable… in fact it’s best not to imagine them! We had a summer uniform if we wanted (I don’t remember it being compulsory but some people say it was) of either an airtex shirt in primary yellow, green, blue or white, or a seersucker dress. The controversial items of uniform were the green school knickers for PE and the revolting dance dresses and matching knickers… I wish I had a picture, but sadly I don’t… they were just awful, as was the dance class! My sister’s school was similar except it was brown – and I believe they  had to wear a hat. When we moved to Somerset, I went into the 6th form in almost exactly the same uniform as I’d had in my other school – which annoyed me, since at my former school the 6th form didn’t wear uniform! My poor sister had to wear a gym-slip… how the family did laugh at her!!

My children’s secondary uniform was simple – at my daughter’s school it was black trousers or skirt, white shirt and navy sweatshirt, at my son’s black trousers or skirt, navy blazer, navy sweater, blue and white striped shirt (dizzying to iron) and a blue and gold striped tie. By the time they got to 6th form college they no longer had to wear a uniform at all!

There are arguments about uniform – I just found it very convenient when I was at school (apart from the suspenders, green knickers and dance dress) and very convenient when I was a mum!

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