The nub of it…

I used the word nub the other day in my latest story, the fifth in the Radwinter series – I don’t know how I came to write a series at all, it was supposed to be a single novel… but somehow the narrative continued. It’s a genealogical series, and the first one, the eponymous ‘Radwinter’ was about the search for a family’s history, but only going back in the male line… It only seemed right that the characters should want to know about their maternal line… and so book 2 arrived…

Back to ‘nub’… my main character Thomas is rather eccentric, and is fascinated by words and he started pondering on the word ‘nub’, and just as previously he had pondered on ‘gim’ as in gimlet, he begins to wonder whether a small nub is a nublet.

Nub now means the essential part or point of something, but originally it was derived from a word knub, or knubbell/knobbel, which meant knob or a bump or a lump,and as you might imagine that was of German origin. Nub meaning a bump has been around since the early 1500’s, but nub as we know it was first recorded in the 1830’s.

Following Thomas’s ponderings on whether there was a nublet, meaning a small nub… well, yes there seems to be, in street slang, or ‘common parlance’ but often it is rather rude, and sometimes very rude! ‘Nub’ in gaming (computer gaming) means someone who is new at something (similar to a noob, or newbie) and hence not very good at something, a nublet/nooblet is even worse, someone who is completely useless!

Have a look at these lovely photos, and views of Mount Nub in British Columbia, and Nub Peak:

If you want to read about Thomas, and his thoughts on gims and gimlets, here is a link to my e-books:

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