New month, new list…

So, I’m into the second quarter of the year, the fourth month of trying to get rid of something everyday, sending to charity shops, giving away, recycling, in the last resort putting in the dustbin. In theory that’s ninety-one items, but in actual fact it’s more, because on my list I have sometimes written, books, CDs, kitchen equipment, which could be anything up to a dozen actual things! However, that is slightly balanced by non-tangible things I’ve given up, such as habits I want to break, and old ways of doing things I want to cast off.

My complete list for March is now:

  1. biscuit cutters –
  2. gingerbread men cutters
  3. old tea-towels
  4. old oven gloves,
  5. place mats
  6. elderly aprons
  7. floor cloths
  8. more books
  9. a pair of old sandals
  10. plastic boxes
  11. an IKEA chest of drawers… with broken drawers
  12. old spices and herbs… they no longer have much flavour or aroma
  13. old sauces, ditto
  14. more old birthday cards
  15. more old photographs…
  16. … and the old albums they are in
  17. cushions
  18. images stored on-line
  19. various items from the bathroom cupboard… things we’ll never use, have two half-used tubes of, have forgotten why we have it, belonged to a departed guest/our son/our daughter
  20. elderly socks… however much I love them they really have to go…
  21. ditto husband’s socks
  22. ditto odd socks which have been odd for years but which I’ve kept in the hope of finding the missing partner
  23. old pamphlets and guidebooks which I have no further use for
  24. coat hangers… I think they breed in the darkness of wardrobes
  25. old phone chargers for phones we no longer have
  26. more old cookery magazines
  27. card readers for the computer – it has a built-in one anyway, and even if it didn’t I don’t need four of them
  28. tatty old folders… if I need one, which I’m not sure I will, they are not expensive to buy
  29. this doesn’t exactly fit here, but in a way it does, neglecting to exercise every day
  30. … and as above neglecting to write in my diary (my actual physical book diary)
  31. … and again, as above, to get back into the habit of meditating and reading the Dhammapada

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