Probably the finest fish that ever went into a tin…

I didn’t know there were grades of tinned salmon, the finest fish that ever went into a tin according to Philip Harben, the TV chef:

  • Grade I is lordly food indeed, it is so good, this Grade I, that it requires little more than a good mayonnaise dressing and a fresh salad garnish and it is ready to grace any table. I am not suggesting that it is as good as fresh Scottish salmon, that would be silly, but it is certainly not to be despised. It also lends itself to a number of hot salmon dishes.
  • Grade II salmon is excellent too. Not so fine in flavour as the Grade I, but excellent for any of the hot dishes I am going to give you the recipe for.
  • Grade III runs the others pretty close. You can make a salmon mayonnaise with it quite  well if you cannot get any other grades. It makes as good a fish cake as you wish to eat.

He then gives some recipes for it in his Cooking Quickly recipe book:

  • salmon with suprême sauce
  • salmon with parsley sauce
  • salmon with cheese sauce
  • salmon au gratin
  • salmon pie
  • salmon-cheese pasties
  • fish cakes

I’m not quite convinced that cheese and fish go together… he also offers recipes for other tinned fish, crawfish in mashed potato, pilchards fried in batter and tinned crawfish/lobster thermidor… and I’m absolutely not convinced by tinned pilchards fried in batter!


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