Baking memories

I think I may have shared this post before…, It doesn’t matter… it brings back memories of my mum!

I am lucky to be able to remember far back into my childhood, my babyhood even because I can remember being in my pram at about a year old! From my first memories I can remember being in our kitchen while my mum, Monica,  cooked. She was a great baker and the Be-Ro cookery book was her Bible, along with Mrs Beeton, of course. Mum told me that her mother, my grandma Ida had a copy of this little book, and as a child Monica had thought the little girl on the front was her.

bero 1 001

As soon as I started living on my own I started cooking, I think the first thing I made was a walnut cake, I’m not sure I used a Be-Ro book, but I remembered the method exactly having watched and helped Monica so many times when I was little.

This edition is the 17th reprint, I now have the 32nd and use it so often I’m on my second copy and in need of a third! I still use Be-Ro flour, I still think it’s the best, and I wonder if either of my children will follow the tradition?

Wholesome, simple and economical, how true!!


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