The succulent coil

We tend to think that our international cuisine and appreciation of food from different countries is new… I think we have always liked interesting and different food. Pasta is a staple dish now, but it has been for a very long time – in 1946, in his Cooking Quickly book, Philip Harben the first TV chef – the first in the whole world has some helpful hints about eating ‘spaghetti, tagliatelli, etc.’ :

They can be cut up in small pieces, but that is a defeatist policy. No, the strands should be kept full length, they are much nicer that way. Nevertheless, the eating of long the strands can lead to all sorts of slap-stick fun and horseplay unless it is done neatly. This is the way to cope, and it is perfectly easy. take a dessert spoon in your left hand and a large fork in your left. Mix well together the noodles and whatever garnish you have (grated cheese, sauce, etc.) Thrust your fork through the mound of noodles and hold the spoon so that the fork prongs rest in the bowl of it. Now twist the the fork round and round, using the bowl of the spoon as the socket in which it revolves. As you do this the strands will wind themselves round the end of your fork in a neat coil. Choosing your moment, pop the succulent coil into your mouth.


  1. David Lewis

    That reminds of the movie Lady and the Tramp when Tramp and Lady were eating spaghetti and they both had the same strand and as they sucked it in they ended up kissing. One of my fondest memories of going to the movies with my Mom as a kid. A little teary right now.


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