Iris, again

  • Iris was a Greek goddess
  • Iris may be the name of a girl or woman (I wanted to call our daughter that but it seemed veryold fashioned at the time – now it is more popular!)
  • an iris may be a part of an eye
  • iris may be a colour, usually shades of blue and purple
  • an iris may be a type of of praying mantis
  • an iris may be an adjustable diaphragm
  • lots of famous women called Iris
  • places called Iris include Iris, California, Iris, West Virginia, Iris Falls in Wyoming, Irisin Romania, Iris Bay in South Georgia, Iris on Prince Edward Island
  • ‘Iris’, films made in 1916, 1984, 1987, 2001, 2014
  • Iris is an opera by Pietro Mascagn
  • Iris may be either of two American bands or a Romanian band, or the Romanian band’s CD, or a CD by a completely different band
  • Iris may be a play by Pinero and a show by Cirque do Soleil
  • Iris may be a nebula, or several things to do with astronomy
  • Iris may be a TV series from South Korea, or from Canada, or an Italian TV channel
  • Iris may be a song by the Goo Goo Dolls,  Emmy the Great, Live, Split Enz, The Breeders or  U2
  • Iris may be a newspaper produced in Sheffield
  • Iris may be a charity
  • Iris may be all sorts of things to do with computing and technology
  • Iris may be a tropical storm
  • Iris may be various planes, boats, trains, ferries or ships
  • an iris, or Iris may be many other things…

UPHILL APRIL 2016 (16)…an iris is a favourite flower

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