How we love our puds!

When we were growing up we always had a dessert or pudding after every meal – and I am sure most other people did too… sometimes it was stewed fruit, or a pie, or a tart, but often it was an actual pudding; we might have had jam or treacle of fruit, but looking at old cookery books it seems there are endless possibilities!

The Anglice Café Cookery Book published in the early 1920’s, for example,  has page after page of pudding!

There are puddings associated with places:

  • Leicester pudding
  • Kendal pudding
  • Ben Rhydding pudding
  • Snowdon pudding
  • Austrian pudding
  • Darmstadt pudding
  • Viennese (x2) pudding
  • Cambridge pudding
  • Bakewell pudding
  • Naples pudding
  • Cardiff pudding
  • Oxford pudding
  • Swiss pudding

… puddings associated with people:

  • Stewart pudding
  • bachelor’s pudding
  • little Marie pudding
  • Hilton pudding
  • Saxon pudding
  • queen’s/ queen/ queen of puddings
  • Erasmus pudding
  • fairies pudding
  • Eve’s pudding
  • Regent’s pudding
  • steamed Iris pudding
  • Devonshire pudding

… then ordinary puddings of different flavours:

  • boiled fruit pudding, apple etc.
  • cup custard pudding
  • boiled batter pudding
  • vegetable plum (with potatoes and carrots)
  • caramel pudding
  • lemon pudding
  • gingerbread pudding
  • fig pudding
  • treacle and suet pudding
  • ginger (x2) pudding
  • savoury pudding
  • coconut pudding
  • plain cup pudding
  • bread and butter pudding
  • boiled lemon pudding
  • orange pudding
  • sultana pudding
  • strawberry or raspberry pudding
  • plum pudding
  • steamed chocolate pudding
  • soda pudding
  • steamed bread pudding
  • orange custard pudding
  • baked lemon pudding
  • amber pudding
  • rice pudding
  • sago or tapioca pudding
  • suet pudding
  • coconut custard pudding
  • ground rice pudding
  • brown bread pudding
  • date pudding
  • steamed fig pudding
  • preserved ginger pudding

… and then those named for something:

  • free kirk
  • five minutes
  • half pay
  • cabinet pudding
  • omnibus

… and of course, the best of all…

  • Christmas pudding!


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