I met my lovely Hungarian friend for coffee this morning, and somehow we got talking about marrows which she was unfamiliar with. She had heard of marrow as in bone marrow, which just shows how excellent her English is; I tried to describe one and i think she understood the idea of a giant courgette… but when they come into season, I’ll buy one to show her!

I came across my mum’s recipe for marrow jam, handwritten inside her copy of Philip Harben’s little book, Cooking Quickly:

To every 4lbs of marrow add 4 of sugar, grated rind and juice of 2 large lemons 1½ oz of ground ginger.
put sugar over marrow, stand overnight. Boil for 2½ hours (approx)

I guess she was so familiar with jam making she needed no other instruction!

here is a picture of a marrow from a fantastic site, Think Veg UK:

Marrow Image

My featured pic by the way is piccalilli, made with marrow and cauliflower!

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