Slap on a dab of mustard…

Philip Harben on what to do with cooked sausages:

Here in my opinion is THE best way to seal with a cold cooked sausage.
have ready some freshly made mustard and a little mound of salt. Grasp the sausage firmly in the left hand. jab it into the salt. Then with the right hand, armed with a suitable implement, slap on a dab of mustard. Bite the end off. repeat, till there is no sausage (or sausages) left. wash.

His comment on bacon and fish:

If you do not know how well bacon goes with fish – just try it.

… and macaroni:

Macaroni is not an Italian invention. The idea originated in China, whence it was brought to Italy by that great man, Marco Polo, who knew a good thing when he tasted it.

…and potatoes:

Potatoes, however are a law unto themselves.

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