I could dwell among that silent people

A couple of days ago I shared a post from another blogger, titled Imagined Spaces, Forests and the Fairytale World which discussed the role of the forest in ‘fairy’ stories and other myths.

In my writing I have a fictional forest called Camel Wood, and several of my novels have been set there or have things happen there; in my children’s novel The Story of Rufus Redmayne, Camel Wood is a dangerous and frightening place, home to wild beasts and other beings, mythical creatures come alive in the modern world. However, in Night Vision, the forest is a benign place, offering safety and protection, dreams and visions; although still mysterious, it is a place where secrets are uncovered and truths revealed. In The Stalking of Rosa Czekov it is just a location, just a forest where various scenes take place.

Here is a short poem by Richard Monckton Milnes, born in 1809, the 1st Baron Houghton:

I love the Forest;–I could dwell among
That silent people, till my thoughts up–grew
In nobly–ordered form, as to my view
Rose the succession of that lofty throng:–
The mellow footstep on a ground of leaves
Formed by the slow decay of nume’rous years,–
The couch of moss, whose growth alone appears,
Beneath the fir’s inhospitable eaves,–
The chirp and flutter of some single bird,–
The rustle in the brake,–what precious store
Of joys have these on Poets’ hearts conferred?
And then at times to send one’s own voice out,
In the full frolic of one startling shout,
Only to feel the after–stillness more!

Here is a link to the Imagined Spaces post


… and if you haven’t read my novels and don’t yet know what happens in Camel Wood, here is a link:

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