My cup of tea – part 2

The magazine from Waitrose has a last page column of questions posed to a well-known person about the food likes… and dislikes, cooking, eating, and eating out…

A couple of days ago I asked myself some of the same questions… here are the rest:

  • what would be your desert island dish – So difficult… salad maybe… cheese… cheese salad? I guess there would already be oysters and other shellfish available, and fruit and nuts…
  • do you have a go-to afternoon snack – a cup of tea or coffee, I don’t have snacks
  • what’s the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten – jellyfish, in a friend’s Chinese restaurant… it was very nice and not at all what I would have expected had I known what it was I was eating!
  • what was your favourite food as a child – anything… favourite thing that mum cooked… um… maybe one of her pies, or roast pheasant. Cambridge was a very different place when I was a child, more of a market town than a big city
  • is there anything you won’t eat – sausage casserole, love sausages but only fried! However, talking actual food items, brains – I might eat any other part of an animal but brains a definite no-no
  • how do you take your tea – strong with a little milk added afterwards. I also like Chinese tea and mint tea.

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